Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC

Meet The Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC Crew.

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC, is a small, woman owned business. Meet the crew! 

(From Left to Right)

Robert Steinbacher-SubContract Labor, Mario Stillo-Service Manager, Diana Ussery-Moore-Owner/Manager, Anthony Cuzzo-SubContract Labor.

(All are members of the Patriot Riders' of America, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charity organization that has benefits to help our Veterans' in need. Mario is currently the Vice-President, Anthony is currently the President of this honorable organization.)

About Us

Our Philosophy

Offer Only High Quality, American Made Products & Full Personalized Service.

Veteran & First Responder Discount!

Our way of saying "Thank You" for your services to our country and communities!




How We Got Started

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC, is a small, woman owned and operated, residential-based business. Owner and Manager, Diana, is responsible for all inside operations of the business, including sales and quotes. Our Service Manager, Mario, sees to all services; repairs, installations and any flagpole service needs. We use the assistance of our subcontracted laborers, when needed. 

The business was acquired in October 2013, when the previous owner decided to retire. It was decided to keep the name and make the business into a Limited Liability Company; dedicated to offering old fashioned, personal service and only the highest quality in flag and flagpole products. Originally, the business was operated part-time, servicing Charlotte County. Diana worked outside the home; Mario had his own small business. 

In December 2014, Diana became ill, and no longer able to work outside the home. Out of necessity, this part-time business now became a full-time business. Calls began coming from other regions; jobs became more frequent, so the business began to grow,  mostly by word-of-mouth. Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC, though small, has grown from a localized business, to servicing customers throughout the Sun Coast of Florida, to Naples. 

We take pride in what we do, so, we added our own Limited Warranty on ALL of our Products & Services to go with any manufacturer warranties. We have our own Brand of Commercial Grade Residential Flagpoles; our BATES Signature 20', adding our BATES II 18' flagpole in 2016 to give a more economical priced flagpole.

All of our flag & flagpole products are Commercial Grade and made in the USA.

The solar lighting, we've recently added, is assembled in the USA. 

We want the name "Bates Flags & Flagpoles, LLC" to be a name you can trust for commitment to quality and service.

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273 Lakewood Lane

Port Charlotte, FL 33953

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